All the labs that work for your business

Find new labs to add to your sales process in seconds.


Instantly eliminate 240k+ Waived labs with a single category keyword.


Define your territory by State, City or Zipcode.

Facility Type

One keyword change, and you can focus on Hospitals, Independent, POL or any of the other 27 laboratory types.

Lab Director

Include the current decision maker name for every lab.


Prefer Moderate and High Complexity Certificates

Instantly exclude 240k+ waiver only labs, and focus on those that need your services.

Accredited and Compliance

Focus on the labs with the analyzers and staff to match your existing customer base.

Sample volumes included

Restrict your search space by total number of samples that run through the lab per year.

Live Examples

Don't just take our word for it. Test our results. You'll find these are the newest labs available anywhere.

Hundreds more added every week

Full coverage of the lab industry, from Blood Banks to Independents and all facility types in between.


Any keyword, from Covid to Toxicology.

If it's in the lab name, it will be found.

Segment your territory by lab type

Choose Industrial labs, Prisons, or Skilled Nursing Facilities, for example. Find labs that match the qualities of your best customers.


Focus on actual potential.

Eliminate the guesswork out of historical lab production.

Combine volume with type filters

Ensure that your target labs meet your size and type requirements, before you call.


Phone numbers and Addresses.

The easiest way to connect to Lab decision makers.

Spend less time googling, more time connecting.

Give your hunters the sharpest tools. Numbers, links and everything they need to make connections, right now.


Data Driven Industry Awareness

Group your territory by the metrics that define your success

Who is entering the industry?

Including summary statistics page help you get a quick grasp on trends in your area.

What is LabProspects?

The fastest way to find new labs, and the easiest way to expand your sales funnel. LabProspects is a sales enablement tool to help healthcare vendors make better connections.

What can I find with LabProspects?

Every lab ever created. If it's got a CLIA number, we've got it. This includes the 300k+ currently active Waiver testing labs, and the 25k+ moderate and high complexity. Recently opened, closed for 15 years, it's all here.

Does it cover all facilities?

Yes. From Physician Offices to Independents, Hospitals and everything in between. Looking for all Skilled Nursing Facilities in Georgia? We've got it.

Can I exclude LabCorp and Quest?

Yes, or make them your focus. Your best clients may be independents outside the largest labs, so we make it easy to focus on your potential clients, without having to wade through the hundreds of Quest, LabCorp and affiliate labs.

Custom report users increase their addressable market size.

Try the industry's best lab data export tool and see for yourself.

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