Any keyword, from Covid to Toxicology.

If it's in the lab name, it will be found.

Segment your territory by lab type

Choose Industrial labs, Prisons, or Skilled Nursing Facilities, for example. Find labs that match the qualities of your best customers.

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Refine by complexity and geography.

Stay focused on Moderate and High Complexity labs by automatically excluding the Waiver labs only.

Affiliates and History

Get a new perspective on the IDN and payor network to find which labs are likely to make your sales process easier..

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Accredition dates and Sample Volumes

Down-select the labs that meet your ideal size targets. No more cold calling tiny, waiver only labs with not enough samples.

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Find the labs you need to increase your sales pipeline. Spend more time connecting with the lab administrators that matter, less time with gatekeepers.

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