Our Training Offerings

Our customers and partners are highly skilled individuals that have a wide exposure to the laboratory sales market. To help you learn the skills necessary to meet your organizational challenges, LabProspects training offers a library of on-demand content built by these experts.

In addition, group training sessions and one-on-one coaching is available. Our experts have walked in every set of shoes for laboratory sales, from the cold-calling relationship builder, to the deep-contact-list trusted advisor and C-suite operator.

What is LabProspects?

The fastest way to find new labs, and the easiest way to expand your sales funnel. LabProspects is a sales enablement tool to help healthcare vendors make better connections.

How does On-Demand Training help my team?

Try our role-playing activites to give you or your team experience based on real-world interactions with laboratory professionals. Learn the best way to interact with laboratory directors, business owners, and pathologists.

LabProspects training increases customer response rates by 30%.

Try the industry's best lab sales training and see for yourself.

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